The Spartan Transformation Challenge is a 4-week comprehensive combat fitness training program for high performing individuals who are seeking a post-lockdown jumpstart back into the best shape of their lives.

Over the years, our unique platform that combines nutrition and combat conditioning with an airtight accountability system, has delivered a total mind, body and soul transformation that has helped thousands of people just like you ditch bad habits and adopt healthy lifestyles.

We normally offer this Challenge for $299, but since we are all coming out of lockdown, we are giving this away for only $199!

But you need to act NOW!

Because of space and social distancing limitations, we can only take 12 individuals, so register now and secure your spot!


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If you have read this far, you've already made the decision to make a meaningful change in your life...

Believe us when we say that this is the hardest part. Signing up.

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Whether you want to gain the confidence that comes with learning how to handle yourself in any situation. Or whether you want to live a healthier lifestyle - lose weight, get toned and keep it that way.

Our exclusive Combat Fitness platform will have you punching and kicking your way into the best version of you, EVER!

Best of all, we'll be with you all the way - to teach you, to guide you, to keep you accountable.

But this is NOT a magic pill... Expect to work hard and sweat lots! All while having the time of your life!

Getting back into shape has never been this much fun!


here's what's included in your 28-day challenge





4-Weeks of Intense Combat Fitness Conditioning Classes - A customized curriculum will be created based on your objectives. Know exactly where you are at anytime with regular benchmark testing and progress reports.

Your 28-Day Transformation Success Manual - You'll get a 17-page Success Manual designed to enhance your knowledge on nutrition and provide helpful tips and hacks on how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle

4-Weeks of Dietician-Approved Nutrition Plans - You'll get 4-weeks of done-for-you meal plans that are 100% Dietician Approved! Designed for both men and women, they are easily customizable if you want to change anything based on preference of dietary restrictions.

67 Delicious and Easy-to-Make Recipes with Weekly Print-n-Go Lists - Complete Recipe Manual with nutritious, whole foods-based, incredible recipes like Butternut Squash Soup, Citrus Fish Tacos, Cilantro Lime Chicken and Chocolate Avocado Smoothie. For your convenience, each week's nutrition plan will come with a full grocery list that you can print out and take to the store.


Dining Out Swap Guide - With the world emerging out of lockdown and restaurants reopening for dine-in services, this is an invaluable resource to help you stay successful while enjoying life as you used to know it. This Dining Out Swap Guide will show you how to turn any restaurant menu item into a delicious, healthy and Challenge-friendly alternative.

Your Very Own Accountability Coach - Only our most senior instructors are qualified to be Accountability Coaches. While ensuring that you are on track to meet your personal objectives, you will benefit immensely from their insight, experience and expertise on the subject.



...And So Much More - This means a lot to us, so we will do everything to ensure your success! From providing you with your complete Getting Started Checklist that includes your Goal-Setting Worksheet, Measurement Docs to sending you Daily Motivational Emails and Texts, we'll do whatever it takes to help you succeed.

You get ALL THIS and MORE for only $199+HST. That's about $7/day over 28-Days to totally transform your life for the better.

What are you waiting for??? Join NOW and get on with the next chapter of your life!


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